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Excellence in Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Maldonado & Cristóbal

As specialists in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, at our clinic in Madrid (Spain) we work to achieve patient satisfaction through personalized treatments that seek to restore the best possible form and function.

«Scientific and technical rigor to achieve the best results:

harmony, naturalness and functionality.»

Meet Dr. Maldonado

Doctor Andrés A. Maldonado is a plastic surgeon specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

He was trained in two of the most prestigious centers in the world: the Mayo Clinic and the University Hospital of Chicago (United States), being the only European plastic surgeon trained in both institutions to date.

He currently develops his professional activity in Madrid and Frankfurt (Germany), focused on excellence in surgery for lymphedema, brachial plexus and obstetric brachial palsy (OBP), and complex cases of reconstructive surgery.

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Meet Dr. Cristóbal

Doctor Lara Cristóbal is a plastic surgeon specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

She was trained in one of the most prestigious centers for plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery in Europe, at the University Hospital of Uppsala (Sweden).

She currently develops her professional activity in Madrid, integrating her proficiency and excellence in breast, facial and body surgical procedures at an aesthetic and reconstructive level.

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Our Clinic

The Maldonado & Cristóbal Clinic is located in the heart of Madrid (Calle O’Donnell 25), Spain.
Here, you will find the peacefulness and privacy required for any consultation related to reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Sala de Espera - Clínica Maldonado & Cristóbal

Our Team

At Maldonado & Cristóbal Clinic, we have the best multidisciplinary team.
Highly specialized professionals working together to achieve the best results.
Equipo medico multidisciplinar - Clínica Maldonado & Cristóbal

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