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Scars and burns

Treatment of scars and burns in Madrid

What are scars and burns?

Burns are injuries to the tissues (generally the skin) that are produced by different agents such as heat, chemicals, electricity, etc. There are different degrees of burns depending on the depth of the skin they affect. This will determine their severity and prognosis and the consequences that they may leave.

The sequelae of deep burns are scars, and can lead to an aesthetic and / or functional defect.


Clinical presentation

Burns are classified into degrees according to the layers of the skin they affect:

  • Grade I: epidermal. They are the most superficial burns. Typically produced by prolonged sun exposure. The skin becomes red and painful.
  • Grade II: dermal. Blisters typically occur. Some of them may require surgery so they must be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.
  • Grade III and IV: They are deep burns that will produce scars. They must be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

Scars (caused by burns or others) can associate a functional and / or an aesthetic problem and some symptoms may appear:

  1. Pain
  2. Loss of movement
  3. Skin tightening or thickening
  4. Chronic wounds

The diagnosis of burns and scars is primarily clinical (visual). Other diagnostic tests are not usually necessary, except if involvement of other structures other than the skin is suspected.


    The treatment of burns depends on the affected body surface and depth. Superficial burns and small areas are usually treated with regular dressings. More severe burns may require surgery for skin transplantation (skin grafts).

    Scar treatment depends on its location and the affected body surface. Sometimes it is possible to improve the appearance of a scar performing surgical z-plasty techniques (by changing the direction of the scar) or by scar resection.



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