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Intimate surgery

Genital Surgery in Madrid

Female genital surgery aims to correct variations in the anatomy of the genital area. Labiaplasty or surgery of the labia minora tries to correct these variations in women who, either for congenital reasons (from birth), or for subsequent changes associated with the passage of time (maternity or aging) have asymmetric, large or disproportionate lips. This can cause discomfort with clothing or pain during sexual intercourse.


Before surgery, all our patients should undergo a preoperative study for their safety. This study consists of a blood test with coagulation and an electrocardiogram.


This surgery is usually performed in an outpatient setting (does not require hospital admission).

At discharge, you will be able to walk and live a relatively normal life from the day after surgery, avoiding physical exercise and sexual intercourse during the first four weeks. It is essential to maintain rigorous hygienic care of the area during the healing period.



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